Dhaka Art Summit

Talks Programme


Incorporating the input and expertise of the Samdani Research Fellows, the Talks Programme for DAS 2018 begins on the Summit’s opening weekend, with a talk exploring decolonisation in South Asian institutions and a history of unconventional patronage in South Asia. Focused on the theme of re-orienting how the world considers South Asia and how South Asia presents itself to the world, the programme will kick off with a conversation about how directors at leading international institutions in North America, Europe, and Asia are reconsidering their collecting and programming to include art from South Asia. The Talks Programme continues on throughout the week, culminating with the scholars’ weekend that will entail a rich series of talks considering the history of exchange between Bangladesh, Southeast Asia, and East Asia, attempting to chart new paths for dynamic forms of inter-Asian collaboration. A highlight of the talks programme is a keynote lecture by leading Bengali public intellectual Dr. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.