Dhaka Art Summit

Sovereign WordS:

Facing the Tempest of Global Art History


CURATEd BY Katya García-Antón


“Sovereign Words” is a new iteration of the Critical Writing Ensembles, which launched at DAS 2016. The result of a residency in Bangladesh involving a workshop focused on indigenous methodologies, this edition is characterised by the commissioning and ensuing public discourse related to critical writing during the DAS 2018, as well as its subsequent publication. Bringing together peers from indigenous communities and first nations from South Asia and around the world, as well as non-indigenous writers, “Sovereign Words” will explore, through diverse forms of writing and narrating, some of the burning questions that underlie the shifting structures of artistic fields across the world today.

With significant attention turning to indigenous thinking across the art world—as artistic voices from indigenous peoples and first nations are increasingly sought after for exhibitions, biennials and art fairs, and as museums increasingly consider the global-ness of their museological practices—art workers (indigenous and non-indigenous) are facing the challenges of engaging meaningfully and ethically with indigenous art and thought. “Sovereign Words” will be curated by a core group of indigenous peers together with Katya García-Antón, as part of the Office for Contemporary Art Norway´s Critical Writing Ensembles project, with the collaboration of DAS 2018 and its partners.

Ande Somby
Bhajju Shyam
Biung Ismahasan
Candice Hopkins
Daniel Browning
David Garneau
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
Irene Snarby
Jamie Isaac
Kabita Chakma
Léuli Eshraghi

Maret Anne Sara
Megan Tamati-Quennell
Niillas Holmberg
Prashanta Tripura
Santosh Kumar Das