Dhaka Art Summit

Samdani Artist Led Initiatives Forum


DAS 2018 has eliminated the gallery section of past summits, where local and international galleries were given free space to exhibit artists of South Asian origin. In association with the Samdani Artist Led Initiatives Forum, the area previously associated with galleries will now include curated presentations of eleven of Bangladesh’s most vibrant artist-led initiatives. February 4th-7th will serve as the first “Artist-Led Initiatives Summit” within the Dhaka Art Summit, where these initiatives—as well as other initiatives from Nepal, North East India, and Bhutan—will present their work and make plans for future regional and international collaborations. 

Back Art
Daagi Art Garage
Gidree Bawlee Foundation of Arts
Hill Artists’ Group
Jog Art Space
‘Shako’- Women Artist Association of Bangladesh
Shoni Mongol Adda
Uronto Artist Community

For more information about the Forum and its members click here.