Dhaka Art Summit

Bearing Points


CURATEd BY Diana Campbell Betancourt


DAS 2018 puts Bangladesh at the centre of its own cartography rather than at the periphery of someone else’s, recalibrating how we think about art in South Asia by focusing on the increased inclusion of minority positions and conflicted terrains. This will allow visitors to reconsider the diversity found in the region beyond national narratives, and to begin to navigate South Asia as a long-standing zone of global contact. To this end, the Solo Projects section of the Dhaka Art Summit will be replaced with Bearing Points. This new initiative will comprise large-scale thematic presentations from artists and architects, orienting the viewer towards lesser explored transcultural histories of the region, curated by DAS Chief Curator Diana Campbell Betancourt, and weaving together strands of thought from the nine other guest curated exhibitions in the Summit.

The first Bearing Point considers the role of exile in shaping regional identity, taking inspiration from South Asian poets such as Agha Shahid Ali and the Migrant Bengali Poets society in Singapore. Raqib Shaw’s project that will be a part of this Bearing Point opens first in Manchester in an exhibition at the Whitworth on June 23, 2017, co-curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt and incoming Tate Director ,Maria Balshaw, as part of the New North New South network. There will be further co-curated and co-commissioned projects within Bearing Points.